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Postcards and Paper Collectibles

Greeting from Lake Charles, LA

Greetings From Lake Charles, LA

Back in the days when everyone used quill pens and then fountain pens ink blotters or blotting paper could be found on every office or writing desk. Blotter were usually made of a soft absorbent paper formed into a card and were used to dry up excess ink and prevent smears. MORE....

What is a booklets? Most small booklets are advertising or tip booklets. These small booklets, usually 15 to 25 pages and measure about 4 X 10 inches, educate a target audience with products, tips, techniques or strategies. They usually are simple in design with graphics, photos and colors. MORE....

A brochure is a flyer usually made of high quality paper and distributed for the purposes of advertising. Brochures may advertise products, events and hotels. MORE....

A calendar is a system for naming periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. Calendars are often a physical device usually made of paper. Vintage Calendars can be classified into hanging calendars, postcard calendars and mechanical postcard calendars. MORE....

Coloring Books have been around for more than a century. As early as the 1880s, the McLoughlin Brothers, a 19th century giant in publishing children's books, produced "The Little Folks Painting Book" illustrated by Kate Greenaway. The firm continued to publish books of this type through the 1920s when it became a part of the Milton Bradley Company. MORE....

Historical Documents are documents that contain important information about a person, place, or event. Some important and famous American or U.S. historical documents include, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. All old legal documents contain information. They were usually intended to communicate information. MORE....

Ephemera refers to hand written or printed matter published with a short intended life span. The word Ephemera derives from the Greek meaning of things lasting no more than a day. MORE....

A greeting card is an illustrated, folded paper card usually featuring a message. The custom of sending greeting cards can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who exchanged "good will" messages to celebrate the New Year. MORE....

A Matchcover or Matchbook Cover, is a thin cardboard jacket that folds over match sticks to form a book or pack of matches. MORE....

A Menu is a list meals or options that one can order for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most menus have various choices of food, from appetizers to the main course to dessert. MORE....

A newspaper is a publication containing news, information and advertising, usually printed on low-cost paper. Newspapers may be general or special interest and they are most often published daily or weekly. By all accounts the first printed newspaper was published in 1605. Vintage newspaper collecting is a very popular hobby, partially newspapers from the 1800s and 1900s. MORE....

Since their initial development, the history or origin of playing cards have been associated with chance, fate, fortune telling, magic, games and gambling. They appear to have evolved from the use of natural objects such as bones, nuts, rocks, sticks and shells. Playing Cards appeared in France about 1360 and the standard suit signs symbols used in the United States today, spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs, were first designed by the French. MORE....

Serious collectors of United States Postcards call their hobby Deltiolgy. The term Deltriogy (del·ti·ol·o·gy) is from the Greek words meaning "small picture" and "knowledge". The number of people who collect Postcards is only surpassed by the number of people who collect coins and stamps. There are literally millions of vintage postcards to be collected in a variety of subjects. Among the most popular are - MORE....

A Programs with respect to events such as theatre performances is a printed leaflet outlining the parts of the event scheduled to take place, principal performers and background information. It may be provided free of charge by the event organizers or a charge may be levied. MORE....

Scrap booking is a method for preserving written history in the form of photographs, printed paper items, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums, or scrapbooks. Scrap booking is a tradition similar to storytelling, but with a visual, rather than oral. MORE....

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