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Vintage Pinback Buttons

Pin-backs buttons are commonly associated with political campaigns. However, there are other popular types of pin backs such as Comic, Cartoon, Media, Press, Olympic, Patriotic, Red Cross and Restaurant categories. Over the years pin-backs were made of two different types of materials.

Celluloid pin-backs, first used about 1900, have a protective layer of that material over the picture wrapped around a metal disc. A collar or metal ring on the back of a celluloid button secures the material to the disc. Lithographed pin-backs, produced since the 1920s, have the design printed directly on the metal.

Vintage Collectible Pinback Buttons For Sale

The advent of Celluloid stimulated the production of huge quantities of a variety of small items with diverse use such as the pinback. The most popular pin backs were used as advertising because they were a new kind of personal decoration. So many pin-back buttons were produced that some people collect nothing else. The buttons, made with a ingenious hoop spring that snapped into the back, was a popular advertising medium for everything from food to major appliances. There were buttons for wool soap made by Swift and Company and Starrett's tools, Buster Brown bread, Red Goose Shoes, Lucas Paint and farm machinery such as John Deere. Products named for the Yellow Kid comic strip such as Yellow Kid ginger wafers, Yellow Kid bubble gum and Santa Claus buttons were issued by department stores at Christmas time.

A rare group of group of pin-back buttons are those connected with firearms such as Peter's gunpowder and shells, Dupont gunpowder and Winchester rifles. Most of these pin-back buttons were made by The Whitehead & Hoag Co. of Newark, NJ who specialized Advertising Novelties. Theirs was the first patent for pin-back buttons issued in 1996. American Artworks of Cochocton, OH, St. Louis Button Company and Bastian Brothers of Rochester, NY were other manufacturers.

Comic and Cartoon Pinback Buttons were first issued around 1896. The very first pin-back was of the well known comic strip character the "Yellow Kid." Advertisers such as High Admiral cigarettes would insert advertising in the back of the pin.

Media and Press Pinback Buttons were issued by newspapers across the United States to promote their newspapers.

Olympic Pinback Buttons were used to promote the U.S. Olympic Team.

Patriotic Pinback Buttons promotes the 4th of July, U.S. Flag, war funds, support out troops etc.

Political Campaign Pinback Buttons are the most popular of all the pinback buttons. First used for Presidental campaign in the early 1900s and are still used today.

Red Cross Pinback Buttons Used to promote the Red Cross world wide. Also worn by Red Cross Workers. Hundred of these pinbacks and pins were issued by the Red Cross.

Restaurant Pinback Buttons were issued by restaurant chains such as Hard Rock Cafe, Outback and Hooters.

United States Pinback Buttons usually state issued or promotions.

Wal-Mart Pinback Buttons were issued to employees to promote products and Wal-Mart.

Mixed Lots and Other Pinback Buttons and Pins where you can find the odd, the unusual and the rare pinback.

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