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Fountain Pens and Writing Instruments

A writing instrument is an object used to produce writing. It can be used for other functions, such as painting and drawings. One of the critical characteristics of a writing instrument is the ability to produce a smooth, controllable line. Although in Western civilization writing is usually done with some form of pencil or pen, other cultures have used other instruments. Chinese characters are traditionally written with a brush. While early man used a stylus to make marks in clay or wax tablets. Almost anything that makes a permanent mark can be used as a writing instrument. However, the most popular form of modern writing instruments are the fountain pen and pencils.

A Fountain Pen is a writing instrument which applies ink to some surface. Pens may be categorized by the kind of tip on them. The main modern types are ballpoint pens, fountain pens, and marker pens. The modern fountain pen was first patented in 1906. Antique and collectible Fountain Pen manufacturers include Conklin, Dunhill, Esterbrook, Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Pelikan, Pilot, Rotring, Sheaffer, Wahl, Eversharp, Waterman plus other brands. Ball Point Pen manufacturers include Cross, Dunhill, Fisher, Montblanc, Parker, Sensa, Waterman plus other brands.

A Pencil is a hand held instrument used to write and draw on paper. The writing is done with graphite, which is typically covered by a wooden sheath. Pencils may also have an eraser or "rubber" attached to one end. The pencil differs from most pens in that erasing is possible. Most Popular Collectible types of pencils are Bullet and Mechanical Pencils.

Calligraphy Tools Calligraphy is the art of decorative writing. A style of calligraphy is described as a hand. Calligraphy is an art dating back to the earliest day of history, and widely practiced throughout China to this day.

Desktop Items are items such as pen and pencil holders, calendars and could even include a cup of coffee. Other items are letter openers, pencil sharpners, Magnifying glass, pictures and frames etc. can be found in this eBay category.

An Inkwell and Ink Bottle is a small jar or container, often made of glass, ceramic, or pewter, that is used for holding ink in a place convenient for the person who is writing. The artist or writer dips his brush or dip pen into the inkwell as needed or uses the inkwell as the source for filling the reservoir of his fountain pen. An inkwell usually has a hinged or screwed-on lid to prevent contamination, evaporation, accidental spillage, and excessive exposure to air.

Can't find the right Fountain Pen or Pencil then look in the Sets and Other Instruments category.

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