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Collectible Knives, Swords and Blades


A bayonet is a weapon resembling a short sword or a dagger, designed to be attached to the muzzle of a rifle or musket. MORE....


A Dagger is a short bladed weapon designed for stabbing rather than cutting and evolved out of prehistoric tools. MORE....

Fixed Blade Knives

A Fixed Blade Knife is a knife in which the blade does not fold into the handle. This type of knife is typically stronger and larger than a folding knife. MORE....

Folding Knives

A Folding Knife is one that has a pivot between handle and blade, allowing the blade to fold into the handle. Most folding knives have small working blades and most pocket knives are usually folding knives. MORE....

American Military Swords

The most popular collectible of all American arms are presentation swords which were awards of honor and not intended for combat. Many of these swords are decorated with gold and silver with elaborately etched blades. MORE....

Japanese Swords and Sword Makers

The Japanese sword, later known as the Katana, was the primary weapon used throughout Japanese history. MORE....


A Sword, is a weapon consisting of a long, sharp edged or pointed blade fixed in a hilt (handle and protective guard). In a general sense, the term sword is any side arm for cutting or thrusting, such as a blade, saber, cutlass. MORE....

Axes and Hatchets   Accessories Include the following:
Armor, Shields, Books, Boxes, Cases, Displays, Plaques, Sharpeners, Sheaths, other Accessories

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