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Comic Books and Comic Book Collectibles

What is a Comic Book? A comic book is a magazine or book containing the sequential art in the form of a narrative. Also known as graphic novels. We call them comic books today. Comic Strips actually began to appear in American newspapers in the late 1800's. Richard Outcault's "Yellow Kid" was the first major comic strip character. He first appeared in 1896.

The evolution from comic strip to comic books started about 1934. The first monthly comic book was Famous Funnies, sold for 10 cents and ran 218 issues over the next 20 years. Since the invention of the comic book format in the 1930s, the United States has been the leading producer. The majority of all comic books in the U.S. are marketed at younger teenagers, though the market also produces work for general as well as more mature audiences.

The history of the comic book in the United States is split into several ages or historical eras: The Platinum Age, The Golden Age, The Silver Age, The Bronze Age, and The Modern Age. The Platinum Age is generally know as comic strips and comic books published starting in 1897 to 1937. The Golden Age of Comic Books was a period in the history of American comic books, generally thought as lasting from 1938 until the early 1950s. Comic book fans widely agree that the golden age began in 1938 with the debut of Superman in Action Comics #1, published by DC Comics. The Silver Age of Comic Books is a period of artistic advancement and commercial success in American comic books, predominantly in the superhero, that lasted roughly from the mid 1950s to the early 1970s. The Bronze Age occured during the 1970's. The Modern Age of Comic Books is a period of American comic books generally considered to last from the mid-1970s until present day. Click on the links below to find your favorite Comic Book.

Platinum Age Comic Books (1897-1937)

Famous Funnies   Tarzan   Mutt & Jeff    Buster Brown   Other Platinum Age Comic Books,

Golden Age Comic Books (1938-55)

Cartoon Character   Classics Illustrated   Crime   Funny Animal   Horror, Sci-Fi   Romance

Superhero   Batman   Superman   Other Superheroes

War   Westerns   Other Golden Age Comic Books  

Silver Age Comic Books (1956-69)

Cartoon Characters   Archie   Disney   Warner Brothers   Other Cartoon Characters

Classics Illustrated   Horror, Sci-Fi   Movie, TV   Romance


Silver Age Super Hero comic books include the following:
Aquaman, Atom, Avengers, Batman, Brave and the Bold, Captain America, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Flash, Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Journey Into Mystery, Justice League of America, Marvel, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Strange Tales, Sub-Mariner, Superboy, Superman, Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish, Thor, X-Men, Mixed Items and Other Superheroes

War   Westerns   Other Silver Age Comic Books

Bronze Age Comic Books (1970-79)

Cartoon Characters   Archie   Richie Rich   Disney   Other Cartoon Characters

Classics Illustrated   Horror, Sci-Fi Superhero

Bronze Age Super Hero comic books include the following:
Avengers, Batman, Brave and the Bold, Captain America, Conan, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Defenders, Fantastic Four, Flash, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Justice League of America, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Superboy, Superman, Thor, Tomb of Dracula, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Mixed Items and Other Superheros

War   Other Bronze Age Comic Books

Modern Age Comic Books (1980-Now)

Cartoon Character   Horror, Sci-Fi   Movie, TV

Trade Publications   Other Modern Age Comic Books


Modern Age Super Hero comic books include the following:
Alpha Flight, Avengers, Batgirl, Batman, Captain America, Catwoman, Conan, Daredevil, Darkness, Deathlok, Defenders, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Fathom, Flash, Ghost Rider, GI Joe, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hellboy, Identity Crisis, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Justice League of America, Justice Society of America, Lady Death, Legion of Superheroes, Lobo, Magneto, Moon Knight, Phantom, Punisher, Sandman, Secret Wars, Shi, Silver Surfer, Spawn, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Superman, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans, Thor, Tomb Raider, Transformers, Ultimates, Ultraverse, Witchblade, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, X-Men, Mixed Items and Other Superheroes.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a surge of Alternative, Underground Comic Books occurred. These comics were published and distributed independently of the established mainstream, and most reflected the youth counterculture and drug culture of the time.


Other Comic Book Categories

Comic book Apparel & Accessories which include Tee Shirts, Wallets, Shoes, Silicone Bracelet Wristband, Movie Costumes, Lunchboxes, Antique Pins, Stickers, Decals, Comic Postcards, Vintage Green Lantern Rings, Batman Watches, etc. Early and modern Newspaper Comics from all over the United States.

In the Comic book Collections and Full Runs category find one comic book or a hundred Batman, Spiderman, Superman and other characters from DC and Marvel.

Looking for Comic Book Figurines eBay has them all: Batman, Captain America, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Justice League of America, Punisher, Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, X-Men and Other Superheroes. Graphic Novels include Alternative Underground, Cartoon Characters, Horror, Sci-Fi, Movie, TV, Superheros and Other Genres (category).

Under Magazines find Alternative, Zines, Collections, Fanzines, Fan Clubs, Heavy Metal, Mad, Pulps, Superhero and Other Magazines.

Some of the best stuff in the Comic Book category is Original Comic Art that include Covers, Drawings, Sketches, Paintings, Splash Pages and other original art. And don't forget your Comic Book Posters.

If you can't find what you are looking for try the category Other Comics and International Comic Books from France, Japan, UK and other countries.

If you are going to collect Comic Books then you will need Supplies! An eBay is the best source for your storage bags, backing boards, storage boxes and price guides.

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