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Antique Banks, Cash Registers and Vending Machine

Antique cast iron banks are generally considered to be one of the Most Popular Collectible of all American Toys. Most of these mechanical banks are intricate in their design, very rare and are in great demand by collectors. Made between the 1860's and 1930's, vintage cast iron banks can be divided into two main categories, Mechanical Banks and Still Banks. Some old banks can be found in both mechanical and still versions.
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Before the Cash Register was invented, storekeepers used a wide variety of cashboxes and drawers to hold receipts from sales and money needed to make change.
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Antique Toy Banks Cash Registers and Vending Machines

The National Cash Registers Company began as the National Manufacturing Company of Dayton, Ohio, which was established to manufacture and sell the first mechanical cash register.
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An Antique Vending Machine is a machine that dispensed merchandise such as candy, gum, peanuts and soft drinks when a customer deposits coins in a slot.
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